Document Storage

Ensuring The Safety Of Your Final Wishes

Crafting your will is a critical step in estate planning, but safeguarding it against potential harm is equally important. Your will is the definitive statement of your desires posthumously, and preservation is essential. Though there's no legal stipulation for will storage, keeping it home exposes it to risks like moisture, mould, accidents, fire, and water damage.

A lost or damaged will be deemed void, potentially leading to your estate being divided under intestacy laws as though no will existed. What's the preventative measure?

Future Estate Planning offers a robust solution with our secure document storage service. Housed in a climate-regulated, fully insured facility, we ensure the utmost protection of your will and other vital legal documents against fire, theft, and natural disasters, providing unparalleled peace of mind.

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Should your will go missing posthumously, your estate could be subject to the terms of an earlier will or, in its absence, divided by the state under intestacy laws as though no will had been made. To learn how Future Estate Planning can help shield your will from potential loss or damage, reach out today. Discover more about our secure document storage solutions and ensure the safety of your last wishes.

Guaranteed Secure Access

We provide reference copies and a storage certificate for both you and your will's executors. This ensures your will is readily accessible when needed while securing it against unauthorised access.

The National Will Registry

Our service includes a complimentary registration with the National Will Registry, a reputable organisation maintaining over 8 million will records. This registration guarantees that your will is retrievable by your loved ones after your passing, ensuring its discovery regardless of whether its location might be forgotten.

Ensuring Safety & Accessibility

In an era where 64,000 household fires, 1 million burglaries, and 2 million homes are threatened by flooding annually, the importance of secure document storage cannot be overstated. We safeguard your important documents in secure, climate-controlled facilities backed by comprehensive insurance against loss, flooding, and fire damage.