Trust Creation

Securing Your Legacy

A trust establishes a legal framework in which a designated person (trustee) manages assets to benefit someone else (the beneficiary). These assets include money, property, stocks, and bonds.

Setting up a trust offers numerous advantages, such as reducing the beneficiary's future tax burden and maximising the inheritance for your loved ones. Trusts are a robust tool for preserving your wealth and assets for future generations. They are an efficient method for handling assets on behalf of individuals unable to do so themselves, like minors or those with specific disabilities.

While trusts are valuable for asset planning, they demand specialized knowledge and professional oversight to ensure they comply with legal standards and offer maximal protection. At Future Estate Planning, we simplify the trust establishment process, ensuring you benefit fully from what trusts provide.

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At Future Estate Planning, our team of proficient and knowledgeable estate planners is acclaimed for delivering straightforward, precise, customised guidance on establishing and overseeing trusts. No matter your circumstances, reach out to the Future Estate Planning team today to explore the optimal estate plan tailored to your requirements.

Safeguard Your Loved Ones

Utilising trusts is a secure method to ensure your family's well-being, preventing the premature handover of substantial assets to beneficiaries who may be too young or vulnerable. Assets can be allocated to them upon reaching specific ages or achieving certain life events.

Avoid the Probate Process

Dealing with probate can be a protracted, costly, and public ordeal. However, setting up a trust can sidestep the entire probate procedure. Trusts offer immediate, private protection for your family, eliminating the need for additional expenses and delays associated with wills.

Reduce Tax Burdens

Navigating the tax implications of establishing a trust can be intricate. Yet, trusts can significantly reduce tax obligations under the right conditions, enabling a more significant portion of your wealth to be transferred to your loved ones.


Personalised Guidance At Every Step

Establishing a trust may seem daunting, but contemplating the future can be challenging. The team at Future Estate Planning is dedicated to making future planning as straightforward as possible, offering expert services in trust creation and management tailored to your specific needs.

Our approach to trust services is designed for ease of use and clarity, avoiding technical jargon and the necessity for prior knowledge of trust operations. You can rely on our professionals to pinpoint the trust or estate planning solution that best fits your situation, providing alternative options should a trust not fully align with your needs. We prioritise transparency in our pricing, offering trust creation at a fair, fixed-rate, ensuring you're fully informed of the costs upfront.