Will Writing

The importance of writing a will:

In the UK, over half of the adult population lacks a will, with reasons ranging from a perception of youthfulness rendering it unnecessary to concerns about the expense not justifying the value of their assets.

At Future Estate Planning, we understand the pivotal role of drafting a will and the potential complications for those left behind without this crucial document. In the absence of a will, intestacy laws come into play, often allocating assets in ways that may not align with your wishes or those of your family. Wills do more than distribute financial assets; they also convey your preferences for who should care for your children, among other important decisions.

will writing

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No matter your reasons for delaying the creation of a will, now is the moment to make an invaluable decision that ensures tranquility for yourself and your descendants. Contact us today to discuss your estate planning needs with our team at Future Estate Planning.

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Our will writing consultations are flexible, available through phone, email, or in-person for clients in our coverage area, scheduled at your convenience.

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At Future Estate Planning, our expert will writing services are designed to streamline and simplify the will creation process for you.

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We at Future Estate Planning are dedicated to addressing each client's unique needs, ensuring outstanding value for all our services.

A Will That Embodies Your Distinct Desires

At Future Estate Planning, we provide will writing services tailored to every estate size, from straightforward individual wills to intricate mirror wills for partners. We aim to offer an accessible service free from complex legal terminology and excessive paperwork. Based on your specific requirements, we can explore further estate planning options like trusts, powers of attorney, and funeral arrangements to develop a thorough estate plan for you.

  • Safeguard your finances, properties, and assets.
  • Make deliberate choices regarding the guardianship of children and pets.
  • Reduce the potential inheritance tax for your beneficiaries.
  • Gift personal items and contribute to charitable causes.
  • Avoid costly legal disputes and familial disagreements.