Price List




Basic Will Plan

Drafting of a single Will


Comprehensive Will Package

Drafting of a single Will plus Health & Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and Property & Financial Affairs LPA.


Partner Wills Option

Creation of mirror Wills for partners.


Extended Partner Wills Package

Two mirror Wills with a comprehensive set of four LPAs (2 Health & Welfare and 2 Property & Financial).


Annual Document Safekeeping Service

Secure storage of documents for an individual or couple.


Dual LPA Arrangement

Both Health & Welfare and Property & Financial Affairs LPAs.


Quartet LPA Bundle

Two sets of Health & Welfare and Property & Financial Affairs LPAs.


Property Trust Shield

Establishment of a Protective Property Trust. (PPT)


Property Trust Plus LPA

Protective Property Trust and comprehensive LPA coverage (2 Health & Welfare and 2 Property & Financial).


Individual Discretionary Trust

Creation of a Discretionary Trust for a single person.


Discretionary Trust (Partners)

Creation of mirrored Discretionary Trusts for Mirror Wills


For the creation of Health & Welfare LPAs and Financial Affairs LPAs, there is also a small additional fee of £82 made payable to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) for registering the document(s). This fee is separate to our professional fees for producing and submitting the document(s), and is incurred for each LPA individually.

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